Carlos Bautista

Professor Emeritus
PhD (Econ), 1987, University of the PhilippinesMA (Econ), 1984, University of the PhilippinesAB (Econ), 1979, University of the Philippines

Website: ccbautista.github.ioTelephone: +632 928 4571 to 75Office: room 119, VSB Building, UP Diliman Campus

Research & Publications (click here to view all)
Corporate Financial Distress: The Case of Publicly-listed Firms in an Emerging Market Economy. (2021). Journal of International Financial Management & Accounting 32(1), 5-20. (with Regina Lizares)
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Multidimensional Poverty in the Philippines. (2017). VSB Working Paper No. 1702. [with results not reported in the published version] 
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