The VSB postgraduate programs aim to help managers gain a distinct advantage in their profession. With a deep roster of experienced faculty in various areas of business, finance, and allied disciplines, the VSB's Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Finance programs recognize the social and economic need to develop managerial manpower into successful and competent leaders in the organization. The courses, conducted in the state-of-the-art Bonifacio Global City campus, are designed to advance and supplement management theory with real-life experience and simulate top management decision-making scenarios. Among the alumni’s ranks are literal movers and shakers in their respective industries, joining the nation’s largest MBA alumni network.

Master of Business Administration

The MBA Program is ideal for all high-potential professionals, whether they are in industrial, financial, government, or non-profit institutions. Managers with strong academic backgrounds, professional experience, personal maturity, and the interest and discipline to develop their managerial and leadership potential are offered a broad-based program curriculum that strikes a balance between technical training and practical problem-solving. The program is founded on current management theories and approaches, complemented by case analyses, industry studies, business games, and other experiential learning methods. A conscious effort has been made to develop a curriculum responsive to the unique features of the Philippine and Asian environments. MBA students engage in an intensive study in current management concepts and techniques through a core curriculum covering the functional areas in business, economics, applied mathematics, statistics, and behavioral science. Students are encouraged to gain added functional expertise by pursuing elective courses offered at the VSB on a trimestral basis or in allied graduate units of the University.

Master of Science in Finance

Managerial manpower in financial institutions undertakes the financial sector's mobilization of resources. The previous effort in developing such managers had been through MBA programs that offer elective courses in financial management. In accordance with the University's mandate to be at the forefront of learning and advanced education and in recognition of the growing size and complexity of the Philippine finance sector, a specialized postgraduate degree in finance was developed and conceptualized by VSB faculty in 1995. This proposal was later refined by the faculty of the Department of Accounting and Finance and by the business community represented by the Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines (FINEX) and the Bankers Association of the Philippines (BAP). Visiting professors from US and Canadian universities with which UP has academic linkages further reviewed the proposed program. Just like the MBA, courses are offered on a trimestral basis. Managers within the financial industry are trained to advance their technical knowledge and team management capabilities through rigorous courses.

Program of Study (MBA & MSFin)