Undergraduate Programs

The VSB has two world-class undergraduate programs that have graduated managers and executives in local and multinational firms, successful entrepreneurs, and leaders in government and global organizations. The programs are designed to provide generalist instruction on the management sciences and specialized practice in modern fields of business and accountancy for high-potential students. VSB takes pride in the holistic formation of our student body through award-winning student organizations, rigorous business case competition training, global student exchange partnerships, and internship programs with leading corporations and trailblazing SMEs.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Accountancy

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accountancy program, a five-year course, is essentially an extension of the basic BSBA curriculum. It aims to develop the accounting student into a professional public accountant as well as provide them with the basic preparation to be a professional manager or entrepreneur. The program provides in-depth training and discourse on specializations in accounting and finance, including a semester-long internship. The program accepts between 60 and 90 students every year.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a four-year course, primarily trains students to be professional managers and entrepreneurs. The objective of the program is to develop students who are capable of holding positions of responsibility in organizations. The program is a general management course, although the student has the option to develop a certain degree of specialized knowledge and skill in a functional area of business activity. Upon graduation, they can immediately assume a high-level staff career position in the business firm. Around 100 students enter the program annually.

BS Business Administration & Accountancy and BS Business Administration Curricula