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Chapters in Edited Volumes (click here to view all)


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Books & Case Studies

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Chapter author: Erlinda Echanis

Chapter 12 : Strategy Implementation Concerns of the General Manager/Chief Executive Officer. pages 179-194

Chapter 14 : Holding Companies: A Structure for Managing Diversification. pages 213-230.

Chapter 15 : Strategies for International Expansion. pages 231-244.

Chapter 16 : Redesigning Business Models and Reengineering Business Processes. pages 245-258.

Chapter 17 : Stock Options: An Incentive Compensation Scheme for Managers. pages 305-320.

Chapter 18 : Organizational Performance Measures. pages 287-304.

Chapter 19 : Conflict, Power and Politics in Organizations. pages 359-374.


Chapter author: Rafael Rodriguez

Chapter 3 : Two Views on Firm Strategy. pages 37-42.

Chapter 4 : The Evolution of Strategic Planning. pages 43-50.

Chapter 5 : A Survey of Strategic Planning Practices. pages 51-66.

Chapter 6 : Sustaining Competitive Advantage. pages 67-74.

Chapter 7 : Foreign Diversification of Philippine Firms. pages 75-90. 

(with Benjamin Sandoval)

Chapter 8 : Diversification Strategies of Large Business Groups in the Philippines. pages 91-128. 

(with Ben Paul Gutierrez)

Chapter 9 : Issues on Philippine National Competitiveness. pages 129-142.

Chapter 20 : Corporate Culture. pages 321-334.


Chapter author: Emerlinda Roman

Chapter 21 : Descriptions of Corporate Cultures in Some Well-Known Companies: Global and Local. pages 335-346.

Chapter 24 : Power, Politics and Conflict and their Impact on Organization’s Strategy: Three Case Studies. pages 375-390.


Chapter author: Ben Paul Gutierrez

Chapter 2 : Schools of Thought in Strategic Management: A Review. pages 9-36.

Chapter 10 : Regional Economic Integration and the ASEAN Economic Community: Opportunities for the Philippines. pages 143-158.

Chapter author: Arthur Cayanan

Chapter 13 :  Strategy and Organizational Structure: The Multidivisional Form. pages 195-212

Chapter author: Arturo Ilano

Chapter 11 Corporate Social Responsibility: Who Should Benefit? 

Chapter author: James Ryan Jonas

Chapter 22 : Tony Tan Caktiong’s Influence on the Organizational Culture of Jollibee . pages 347-358. 

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