Shifting to VSB

This page is only for students from outside UP, or from UP Diliman and other UP Units

planning to shift to BSBA/BSBAA.

Updated 26 July 2022

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Release of results of the shifting applications has been moved to 10 August 2022.


    1. Applicants from UP Diliman and other UP Units: Students of UP units who have completed at least thirty (30) units (excluding PE, NSTP, and other non-credit courses) as of the end of the 2nd Semester, AY 2021-2022, regardless if the courses are credited in the BSBA or BSBAA curriculum, may apply to shift, provided they have not already graduated from another undergraduate degree. Subjects with a grade of Pass will be counted in the 30-unit requirement.

    2. Applicants from within UPVSB: For students planning to shift to/from BSBA/BSBAA, please visit this page.

    3. Applicants from outside UP: Applicants from other schools and universities may apply directly at the UP Diliman Office of the University Registrar (OUR) subject to University and College policies. Please direct all admission inquiries and concerns to the OUR.

APPLICATION PROCESS FOR BSBA/BSBAA EXTERNAL SHIFTEES (for applicants from UP Diliman and other UP units)

    1. Download and fill out the Shifting/Transfer Application Form.

    2. Request your college for your True Copy of Grades (TCG) or Transcript of Records (TOR). The TCG or TOR should show all the grades from your 1st Semester in UP until the 2nd Semester, AY 2021-2022, issued and validated by your college or unit. Applicants who were previously enrolled in other UP units aside from their current home unit should submit both their TOR (from their old UP unit) and TCG from their current home college/unit.

    3. Fill out this form. The form requires you to upload your Shifting/Transfer Application Form and TCG/TOR. Your shifting application will not be processed if the online form is not received. There is no need to ask your College Secretary to send the TCG via email. Hard copies of the documents are not required. Deadline for submission of requirements through the online form is on 30 June 2022 (UPDATED), 11:59PM. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

(New Announcement)

For applicants from UP units with a June 23 (or later) deadline for grade submission for the 2nd semester and whose TCG/TOR is not yet available by 30 June 2022, you still need to submit the online form by the said deadline with a printout of your grades from your unit's online platform as a temporary placeholder, or else, your application will be tagged as late and will not be processed. Only applicants who submitted the online form on time will be given until 07 July 2022 to submit their TCG/TOR through the email provided below.

    1. Wait for the release of the list of successful applicants. The results will be emailed individually. For those who are accepted, email will contain the list of documents that you should submit to complete the shifting process. Tentative date for the release of results is on 10 August 2022 [UPDATED]. Thank you for your patience.

Please click this link for additional UP Diliman FAQs on shifting/transferring.

For inquiries, please contact:

Prof. Mikhael Anjelu B. Magana

Undergraduate Programs Director


Inquiries on the crediting of subjects and the screening process will not be entertained.